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Dr. Gowda is great vet and has done alot for us and my dog dolce. He has taken a lump off our dog plus done teeth cleanings and removed 2 teeth with no complications. I definately recommend this vet, there really nice and affordable to.
Andrew W., San Diego, CA - 5/18/2017
. Gowda and his staff are great. Took my 8 year old boxer to a pet emergency hospital at night and they did not do anything. Wanted to do 2000 dollars worth of “tests” but would not provide me with a diagnosis or even any thoughts on what was wrong with him. Took my boy to Dr. Gowda the next day and he talked me through, step by step, on what could be wrong and what we should do first. His initial treatment plan was spot on and within a week and a half, my boy was better. Dr. Gowda was extremely professional, helpful and caring. Did not overcharge me or put my boy through any unnecessary tests, just to make a few extra bucks. I also take my other 2 dogs to Dr. Gowda for their shots and he is always great with them. I cannot thank Dr. Gowda enough. In me, he has a customer for life…
David H., Lemon Grove, CA - 5/14/2017
Originally took my dog to Emergency Hospital on grossmont but found out my dog needed life threatening surgery, unfortunately E.R. hospital could not help me. So I had to wait for next day to see if this hospital would take my case and help Canela out. Which they did! Canela would not have lived if it wasn’t for Lemon grove Veterinarian Hospital! THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE Helpful Doctor that saved her life and the team that also helped Canela feel comfortable. It’s day 3 and her appetite is getting bigger. She is being a trooper on her recovery days! Thank you guys so much for helping my baby stay alive. You will definitely be her new primary provider!! You guys are awesome!! Canela sends you all a big hug and kiss!!
Bacilisa S., Lemon Grove, CA - 5/8/2017
Don’t be put off by the gruff exterior and abrupt bedside manner. Dr. Gowda and his staff have provided excellent veterinary care for my furbaby and at reasonable prices to boot. They have never tried to upsell me on exams, tests, or medications (including during what I thought was an emergency, but turned out to be a minor thing like he diagnosed). They also went out of their way to help me get all the necessary paperwork I needed for my international trip. I couldn’t be happier with their service.
Suzanne K., Lemon Grove, CA - 4/21/2017
I noticed my heart, aka my cat Max, frequenting the litter box more than normal so I told her to get a job to pay for a vet visit. She refused and told me to make her an appointment. In all of my years of being a cat owner, starting back in 1990, Dr. Bettegowda is hands down, my favorite. Max gave him two paws up and we`re both happier after the visit.
Syltoya S., Lemon Grove, CA - 4/2/2017
I am weary of most veterinarians, because I usually get the sense that they just want to take my money and/or send me on a guilt trip when I don’t buy into all of the (what I find to be) unnecessary treatment options they offer me. I like that the Dr. here is very straightforward with the treatment options that he recommends for my dog, potential outcomes of each treatment, pricing, and etc. I felt that he addressed each of my questions and concerns very directly, and from there we were able to come to a good course of action for my dog’s itchy skin, which was the reason behind my initial visit. Not sure how much I like the office staff though. They are always quite nice, which is wonderful, but they also always seem to mess up on their record keeping…I think they just don’t take notes on anything that goes on when I talk to them. I’ve had them forget to reschedule appointments for me in their computers, resulting in me showing up for an appointment that had apparently never been booked by them…and this last time I was in to pick up my dog after her spay, they tried to charge me a second time for the procedure, even though I had paid earlier that morning. Why wouldn’t they make a note that I had already paid?? So aggravating. Thankfully I had the receipt with me still, or that would have been a mess.
Audriana C., Lemon Grove, CA - 3/16/2017
Very knowledgeable. Makes customers feel at ease.
Jessica V., Lemon Grove, CA - 1/20/2017
Lemon Grove Veterinary Hospital is as good as it gets! I have been coming here for the past year or so and every time I leave here, I leave with a sense of confidence that my pet is getting the very best! Dr. Gowda is very well knowledge in Animal Medicine and care. It never cease to amaze me, of how willing he is to go the extra miles for his patients, best care at best price. Thank You and Job Well Done!!
Nhia V., San Diego, CA - 5/12/2016
I wouldn’t take my dog anyplace else period. Anil is thoughtful, caring, empathetic, and an extraordinarily good listener.
Roderick S., Lemon Grove, CA - 2/19/2016

I decided to go here instead of the vet by my house that cost 2 or 3 times the price. Got a cat fixed or neutered 10-20 years ago and it is priced very reasonable. So, one day I brought in my sick cat, Vader. They took good care of her despite her fatal outlook. There might have been a tumor that he said, (then again she had a hystarectomy, it could have been scar tissue) I filled out the form to have her put to sleep at the pound, figuring that it was the best thing to do. Dad told me why not keep her and wait a while. I did, that was over a year ago and she is still alive and gained her weight back. So many thank you’s to Anil Gowda, for saving our star family member and pet. And he even sent a sympathy card… little did he know, she’s alive and healthy. Still, it shows he’s a sweet and caring guy.
Gina S., La Mesa, CA - 2/8/2016

Took my dog for severe itching. They were very knowledgeable and assured me this could be treatable with a pill given once a month. Sure enough my dog has been itch free. Great prices not too expensive. The only minor issue is when I got my dogs prescription it was a six month supply and I was only given 5 pills but the doctor assured me I can come back anytime for the other pill. I will be going in a couple days to get the last pill I hope there are no issues as I highly doubt there will be because of the staff seemed very professional and friendly.
Art R., Lemon Grove, CA - 2/3/2016

The reason I am taking time to review this small home looking clinic is only because the amazing help I received yesterday Saturday afternoon. The only negative thing I have to say about this place is that it does get busy and if you come in at the wrong time you will have to wait (I might of just came with the storm) I was greeted by a man at the front desk and he was very polite. It was a full house in there with dogs and cats during their vaccine clinic hours which I understand I took my little Bella in to get her vaccinations and having a couple questions. After the man greeted me a young lady I believe she said her name was Nichole started helping me out, lovely young women she answered all my questions and was very patient with me and my Bella. She explained to me some pricing and must I say BEST in town! She weighed her (because I asked her too) and even helped me take my little Bella to my car. I have a knee problem and the carrier seems to get heavier each day. I di d not get any vaccines done that day due to a doctors appointment I was likely to be late too, but I set an appointment and will be coming back staff is warming and welcoming! Oh! Also during my visit there the Doctor actually came out and was helping people as well at the reception area. That I have NEVER seen at any other animal hospital/facility that I have ever been too. Great job Doctor way to have a great patient – Doctor relationship. Even took time to say hello to me!I highly recommend calling before doing a walk in unless you like to wait a little while, due to there being a lot of people coming in during vaccine clinic hours. Other then that pricing is amazing, staff is great and welcoming you can tell they care about the pets not just the money there!
Lindsay A., Lemon Grove, CA - 1/4/2016

I`ve been here before with 2 different pets. i always got the best service and a straight out answer of what was going on. The staff is awesome and the doctor is great! Highly recommend.
Laura G., San Diego, CA - 11/15/2015
Don’t judge a book by its cover. Despite the location and semi rugged exterior, Dr. Gowda and his team are top notch. – Dr. Gowda is straight up and breaks everything down so there are no hidden surprises. – The teams service is exceptional.  Prompt with phone calls, ready with answer questions, follow up calls and they truly show compassion for animals.  It’s not just about money, at least I hope its not in entirety. – The rates are very competitive.  Those without pet insurance and have limited means, try them out. I scheduled my 9 year old Dauchsands Teeth cleaning and extractions procedure.  My primary vet wanted over $2,000 for the procedure and that was a procedure my insurance does not cover.  I found Dr. Gowda through a friend and she has nothing but postive things to say.  That sealed the deal for me. All in all, the procedure cost well over $600 for my case (varies depending on breed and condition).  I dropped my dog off in the morning and left her there all day while I was at work.  They took care of her and performed the procedure under anethsia without any issues.  I picked up my drowsy dog after work and she bounced back the next day. 3 weeks later, my same dog was attacked by a pitbul and suffered deep lacerations on her back neck. It was 10 minutes to closing time for Dr. Gowda, but he and his team stayed over 2 hours to tend to my dog.  It required another case of anethsia and stitches.  =(  My dog is a trooper to endure this type of trama.  After 2 weeks, she is good as new but a little tramatized. Both case Dr Gowda and team performed as expected.  They provide clear and concise post operation instructions for care and medication administration. Give them a try! 5 stars!
Neil T., Lemon Grove, CA - 9/4/2015

Dr. Gowda is a compassionate, caring vet who truly cares about his clients and their owners.  We took our 13 yo chow/husky mix to his office because he was whimpering in pain, losing bladder control and drinking lots water. His office was able to get us in immediately when I called them.  Dr. Gowda is cost conscientious when it comes to testing. He said he would order the minimal necessary tests first to help make a diagnosis.  If needed we could order more testing depending on the results of the first set of tests. His office visit and lab testing overall are generally reasonable. He personally called us with the test results that same evening. He is one of the few vets that actually takes time to talk and explain things to his client’s owners. He was also willing to give us a prescription to take to Costco to save us money on the medications as he was not able to get the medicine our dog needed at a reasonable cost.  All our three dogs will now be coming to him for any of their health needs.
Bryan M., La Mesa, CA - 8//2015

Dr. Gowda and his staff are wonderful! The doctor took his time to go over all my questions and was able to give me a more then fair price on two of my dogs teeth cleaning, 19 pulled teeth later and Fiona is a happy camper.   The staff even called twice to check on Fiona the next day. The male tech handled both my little dogs with such ease and gentleness.  The women tech made sure I knew how to dispense the pain meds properly and told me to call if I had any questions.   Please realize this is a new practice and they have coupons to attract new clients.   Therefore the doctor will be busy and there will be a slight wait.  ( I was late 20 minutes and waited 10). Dr. Gowda is an excellent doctor and my dogs loved him. he is efficient and will give you options and what he recommends, there was no up selling.  I have read the previous reviews and find a lot of people on here have unrealistic expectations for what they are paying.  Please disregard the reviews and give him a try.  I especially recommend him for dental, especially if you have a dog who needs major work done.  He is willing to work with you and try to get the best care for your beloved animal.  If Dr. Gowda didn’t care about animals he wouldn’t have become a vet.  Why go through all that schooling and spend all that money to do a job you would hate?
Nancy P., San Diego, CA - 7/29/2015
Last Saturday my husband passed two deceased dog on the highway near our home.  It bothered him so much that we went back to pick up their bodies as we figured Animal Services wouldn’t be working again until Monday (They actually had Monday off too!).  We wanted to let their owners know what had happened to their family members.  Lemon Grove Veterinary Hospital was the first to volunteer to scan them at no charge (after MANY calls for assistance).  The ladies in the front office are wonderful.  It was not an easy thing to do, but they did it and also scanned the little dog we found that was alive.  If this is the customer service they show to non-paying customers, I can not imagine how paying customers are treated.  Will definitely take my pets there when needed.
Shannon P., San Diego, CA - 7/07/2015
New Vet New Employees. Great Service Great People. I am a breeder of French Bulldogs this Vet takes care of me Honest Caring Reasonable pricing. I don’t pass judgment too easily as I am very picky with the vet offices I go to so take it from me they are a great office.
Tommy L., San Diego, CA - 5/25/2015
I’m so impressed! This is the best veterinarian, and he carefully explains everything,  looks for the best clinical solution for the best cost.  My little dog who doesn’t really like anyone except me is actually letting this guy hold him and trying to cuddle 🙂  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful veterinarians in the 50 plus years since my first dog followed me home from school,  but Dr Gowda is truly special. Today’s my first visit, and the first of many. I absolutely do not believe the terrible claims made in other reviews of this practice.  I’m glad I didn’t find them until I logged in to post this review or we might have missed out on this veterinarian that my dog just LOVES.
Chesney F., Lemon Grove, CA - 5/22/2015
I took my 15 year old dog here on an emergency appointment. She was very sick with diarrhea. The staff & doctor were very nice and helpful. They took my baby right in and check her out. The doctor told me there might be a few reasons because she wasn’t running a fever. He made me up an estimate and went over everything with me. The office visit, a shot of antibiotics, three prescriptions and a sample sent to the labs cost me $143,00. Seems reasonable to me for everything he did. He called me back the next day with test results just like he said he would. I did end up getting another prescription but she has to take all of them. I would definitely recommend them for your animals care.
Kathy S., San Diego, CA - 4/14/2015

My two cats are patients at this veterinary hospital.  They are cared for and treatment is excellent for their health.  One of my dear cats has an unusual situation with a cyst in her neck .   Dr. G has done an outstanding job at treating this condition.  I highly recommend this veterinary hospital as the doctor is very knowledgeable and careful and his staff are very friendly and work with me on my financial situation.  My cats do not have that after-visit fright when I pick them up. (Cats do like going anywhere, especially to the veterinary hospital.)  There are a lot of happy patients I have seen there that are dogs.  They are happy there.
2/9/2015 Previous review Last summer (2014) I read that a new veterinarian owns and operates the Lemon Grove Veterinary… Last summer (2014) I read that a new veterinarian owns and operates the Lemon Grove Veterinary Hospital now. My two feline companions have been Dr. Gowda’s patients since then. Dr. Gowda is very knowledgeable about cat health conditions and explains everything very thoroughly. He and his staff members are very friendly to me and my cats and take great measures to provide the best care for them. I am glad Dr. Gowda is here in Lemon Grove. I am very comfortable with Dr. Gowda and his staff and notice my cats are also. My cats do not like to ride in the car and it takes about 10 minutes (less than a mile) to drive them to an appointment.
Lani S., Lemon Grove, CA - 4/13/2015

I’m so glad that we found such a great vet! When Dottie first was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure the VA Hospital told me to put her down since she was 13 yes old! I couldn’t bring myself do it then and I’m so glad I didn’t! In December I had another scare when Dottie caught a cold! She was up all night coughing and I thought it was her heart.  Dr Gowda could see how distraught I was and calmed me down and took great care of Dottie! Dottie has been under Dr. Gowda’s care for over a year now and is doing so well! Thank you all at Lemon Grove Vet Hospital!!! 
Jamie B., San Diego, CA - 3/25/2015

Very friendly clinic and a great Vet. All of our cat’s & dog’s go their regularly for shots, check-ups, injuries and it always has gone great for us and the animals for years! 
Robert L., Lemon Grove, CA - 2/13/2015

Dr. Gouda has been very attentive with my animals. He takes time to listen to my needs and has given excellent care to my pets. He is very through with his exams and makes a real effort to meet my pets needs. I am very happy with his service. 
Terri B., San Diego, CA - 2/26/2015

This place has the most wonderful Dr. He gets involved in care of the pet. So much so that he adjusted prices to help make sure they were well taken care of. He is a very good vet. His staff is sweet.ive been there over 10 times.& follow up visits also. Good hours! 
Mary S., San Diego, CA - 2/10/2015

Great care, gave me good info on the flea issue in town. My dog liked him. Prices were super reasonable. We found our new vet!! 
Amy L., Mount Hope, CA - 1/07/2015

This review is based on at least 10 visits with multiple cats over the past year. So 5-Star Review times 10! Dr. Gowda and his staff have always been very warm and friendly providing great customer service, along with caring treatment of each cat over and over again! I’ve brought in several ferals to be spayed or neutered, and the price has always been very reasonable. I called around!  Dr. Gowda is a great communicator and thoroughly explains various procedures and treatments, and is more than happy to answer all my questions. I have owned many pets over the last 40 years and have had A LOT of experience with many veterinarians and their unpredictable (sometimes outrageous) pricing. This clinic has it all: knowledgeable, caring Dr. and staff as well as great prices. I highly recommend L.G. Vet Hospital for your pet’s care!!! 
Laraine W., Spring Valley, CA - 1/01/2015

This is the vet I brought my 90 lb pit bull Moses to to be neutered. Moses is a big guy with lost of energy. The Dr was great. He let me stay with Moses until the meds kicked in and he was ready to be robbed of his family jewels. Poor guy. They gave me updates on his progress. A few months later our 14 year old chow shepherd mix had a facial tumor that ruptured. Dr Gowda saw us right away and had Bubba as good as new within hours. And now our princess Angel who is an 8 year pit bull was showing stroke like symptoms. I was able to stay with her through all the testing which was calming for both of us as I love my baby girl. Angel gave out lots of kisses and got lots of pets. We are on the road to recovery now. I appreciate the way Dr. Gowda interacts with us and our babies on a personal level.
Janessa N., Lemon Grove, CA - 12/3/2014

My cat Floyd developed an issue with urinating around the house, and our previous vet was not taking the time to understand or treat the issue. On a Saturday we reached our limit and looked for a nearby vet who was open. Dr. Anil Gowda was not only open on a Saturday, he took the time to listen about our situation and he asked the right questions to find a treatment, all while trying to keep our costs low. My greatest compliment is that he clearly communicated about the issue, which has been my problem with other vets for over 10 years. In a rush-rush profit driven world, Dr. Gowda treated a new patient (our cat) with love and attention like he was his own cat. I would highly recommend him. 
Jr P., Lemon Grove, CA - 12/31/2014

I have been a dog owner for many years and have visited veterinarians offices well over 100 times over the years. I decided to go to this facility as it was closer to my home with my new rescue Chihuahua. I can attest to the fact that the level of service here is excellent. The physical layout of the facility may not be up to everyone’s esthetic standards, but it is very functional and is fine with me. The veterinarian is very knowledgable and caring and answered all my questions. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I could not be more pleased with this facility.
Thomas C, San Diego, CA - 12/23/2014

I have received excellent care for all 4 of my dogs. I have a 6 year old Boxer/Great Dane who needed surgery in August and Dr. Gowda worked with me in regards to pricing.  Kobe now has a serious eye issue, and from the very beginning Dr. Gowda has worked very hard in trying to figure out what would work best to fix the situation.  As of today, all the hard work paid off, Kobe is getting better.  My dog is a good judge of people and if he doesn’t like you or trust you, he lets me know and not in a nice way.  Kobe at first was very leery of the Dr, but now, Kobe is excited to see him, and his nub wags up a storm.
Sheri L, San Diego, CA - 12/2/2014
Our dog received excellent care and my husband and I were both relieved and happy at the outcome!   Dr. Gowda and staff were compassionate and explained what was needed to do to assess our dog’s injury…We are glad to be able to continue with Lemon Grove Veterinary Hospital for our pets where we have been going for the last twenty years or so.
Jane Z., Lemon Grove, CA - 7/14/2014
I brought my Lab mix in for his torn paw pad. LG Vet promptly answered the phone at 8am and took my pup in right away for 9am appt! The vet Dr Gowda was very nice and we immediately knew he would be our new Doc. Very up front with pricing, unlike other vets where the nurse has to come back with a quote. I even brought in my 2 cats after work (very convenient hours!!) for vaccines and allergy treatment. Dont judge the building for its appearance… the prices for services are great… Dr is awesome… excellent hours… highly recommended!
Lisa G., Lemon Grove, CA - 7/14/2014
This was my first time at this clinic because my Boston Terrier had a major allergic reaction to something.  I called the office and they were able to get me in right away.  Dr Gowda and his staff are friendly and caring. He took the time to examine my dog and was educating me about the issue at hand.   He discussed all my treatment options and showed me the costs up front.  The choice was up to me and there was no pressure from him or his office staff. His charges are very reasonable. The clinic is kept clean.  Overall a great experience and my Boston is all better.  He is our new vet for any future issues for all three of my dogs.
Ash C., La Mesa, CA - 7/14/2014
I brought my dog as a first time patient to Lemon Grove Vet Hospital and was very impressed with the level of care provided by Dr. Gowda and his staff.  He was kind, caring and explained everything about the procedure and aftercare thoroughly.  My dog required emergency care and the vet and his staff stayed after hours to take care of my dog. I can’t thank Dr. Gowda and his staff enough for the excellent care they took of my dog.  I am glad I found Dr. Gowda and Lemon Grove Veterinary Hospital and would definitely recommend them to everyone looking for a veterinarian.
Rachel P., La Mesa, CA - 7/14/2014
Wow the way Dr. Anil Gowda helped in the time of need, was professional and Considerate with a kind heart. The staff and him had to put up with a dying momma dog that’s doesn’t like people until she’s known them a little while,….she tore off her cone and couldn’t be touch by anyone at hospital,…Doc said never seen a dog act like that before. Only way to afford this type of emergency surgery was for the Doctor to work with me and he did! Forever Thankful to the folks over at Lemon Grove Veterinary Hospital.
D. H., San Diego, CA - 7/14/2014
What a great new vet in town! Dr Gowda, DVM PhD and the staff were wonderful during our rushed, last minute, end of day visit. He took great care with the exam and was very personable. Lots of plans to update and expand the facility. Looking forward to a long relationship with our pets!
Sharri T, Lemon grove, CA - 7/10/2014
This review is long overdue. Dr. Gowda has been a godsend for my little kitten, Lucky. My little kitten Lucky contracted an eye infection and I was sure my little Lucky would go blind. But the doctor assured me he wouldn’t. And after a week, my little Lucky, was back to his normal self. Around this time, it was decided, that my little Lucky, had to be neutered, because he started spraying, all around the house. Again Dr. Gowda, assured me, my little Lucky, would be o.k., because he would be, in the very best of care. Again the doctor was true to his word. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Gowda- Lucky is so lucky, he is our vet !!
Ursala H, Lemon grove, CA - 7/6/2014
I was referred to this new vet Dr. Gowda, in Lemon Grove by a friend who recently had a good experience at this clinic. We took our 11 week old kitten I adopted from shelter, that developed sneezing with boogers in the nose and eye. Vet gave some medications that took care of the problem in a week. We followed up for a check up and the Vet recommended that our kitty should get booster shots and gave a follow up plan for the next few weeks. Overall we had a good experience and will follow up.
Lisa M, Lemon Grove, CA - 7/6/2014
A friend recommended Lemon Grove Veterinary Hospital to me, after discovering that my cat Pickles had broker her paw, while climbing a tree. I was little reluctant, at first due to the previous owner, but after I found out that the hospital was under new management, I thought I would give it a try. I was very impressed with the new owner, service, quality of care and my cat and I were very happy
Richard S, Escondido, CA - 6/21/2014

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